The zoo giveth, and the zoo taketh away. Two red pandas born at the Denver Zoo will be moving to a new home.

Last summer, two red pandas Lali and Masu were born at the Denver Zoo. Unfortunately we must say goodbye to the adorable Ailuridae as they move to another zoo.

The red pandas are being relocated under suggestion of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (ZA) Species Survival Plan (SS). The group, and program were created to “ensure healthy populations and generic diversity among zoo animals.”

Both cubs will be moving to new homes, but fear not, the Denver Zoo will still be hosting their parents – so there will be no lack of adorable red panda goodness on your next trip.

red pandas

While the exact relocation date has not been set, the Denver Zoo held a “going away party” Friday, April 14, with fun enriching activities for the babies and a goodbye card placed outside of their habitat that guests were able to sign.

Panda Fun Fact!!

Did you know red pandas are listed under their very own classification? The species’ genes derive from both giant pandas and raccoons, allowing it to have its very own classification the Ailuridae!

red pandas

Will you miss the baby red pandas? I know I will! Let us know what you think!

We may be losing our baby reds but have you met the new Kea hatchling at the Denver Zoo?