There are some foods allowed in the United States that are actually banned in other countries; here’s what they are and why!

If you’re an American and have traveled to other parts of the world, I’m sure you have raved about how delicious and genuinely fresh the food was. The food is so good for a reason, because a lot of their food is free of common preservatives found in the good old U.S. In fact, these 5 foods below are actually banned in other parts of the world.

1.Brominated vegetable oil

foods allowed

This chemical is mainly found in citrus flavored pop such as Fanta and in sports drinks like Gatorade. The main ingredient in brominated vegetable oil is actually poisonous. Just in case you just bought a fresh pack this morning, you should know the side effects of this chemical include schizophrenia, birth defects, and organ system damage. YIKES!

2. Azodicarbonamide

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You can find this wonderful chemical in some breads, boxed pasta, frozen dinners, and packaged baked goods. Azodicarbonamide helps flour to bleach quickly and is also used in foamed plastics. If this isn’t making you consider changing your eating habits, I don’t know what will. This chemical has been linked to asthma. It’s a good excuse to travel to Italy frequently to get your pasta fix because you know they don’t contaminate their food with such a chemical. Your boss will understand.

3. Olestra

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Found in some of the best foods, fat-free potato chips and French fries, this does  more than just expand your waistline. In fact, Olestra has been discovered to actually inhibit your body’s ability to absorb vitamins. So not only are you eating unhealthy food, but you’re digging yourself into an even deeper hole. Stick to an apple.

4. Artificial food dyes

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Artificial food dyes can be found in candy, cereals, soda, sport drinks, macaroni and cheese, alcohol, and MORE. Sure, you may have loved the colorful bowl of fruit loops you ate every morning as a kid or the blue AMF you had at your favorite college bar, but it’s actually doing more harm than good. Artificial food dyes are made from chemicals found in petroleum, which obviously is meant for your car, not your stomach.

5. Farmed salmon

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When you eat salmon, you might think you’re on the path to health and happiness, but you’d be WRONG if you’re eating farmed salmon. Farmed salmon is raised on a unnatural diet of antibiotics, grains, and other stuff that leads to salmon to develop gray flesh. To make up for the gray flesh it is dyed with synthetic astaxanthin to create a pink color. Synthetic astaxanthin is also made from petrochemicals. AKA not for YOU!

Do you think the U.S. should hop on the band wagon and ban these foods? Tell us what you think!

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