Remember when that famous 420 mile marker was replaced? Well it’s back and CDOT and Lyft are challenging you to find it!

In 2014 there was a large controversy that arose when cannabis lovers kept stealing the 420 mile marker along I-70. Eventually, CDOT made the executive decision to replace it with a 419.99 mile marker sign.

Years have passed and that lucrative 420 mile marker has left our attention spans for other minute details of our every day lives… BUT tomorrow on 4/20 CDOT will be reviving that old 420 mile marker, and is attaching a bit of a challenge for 4/20 celebrators.

CDOT and Lyft are bringing back the famous sign and plans to hide it around several major marijuana events going on during the international smoker’s holiday. Whoever finds the sign will also find a code for $42 in Lyft credits on the back. 420 mile marker

The resounding idea of the challenge is for people to get home safely. Whether you find a sign or not, remember to set yourself up with a ride and get home safe during the day!



There is still time to get your safe ride with CDOT and Lyft! Check out the 320 movement project!