Ask anyone and they’ll say the bride is the star of any wedding – but this Colorado couple pulled focus for two adorable rescue kittens!

Veterinarians Michele and Nicholas Anderson wanted their special day to be exactly that, special. As they were making their final plans for their March wedding, they decided to add two very special guests of honor to the party. Rescue kittens!!

Michele and Nicholas volunteer at Devine Feline, a cat welfare clinic in Denver. The two thought it would be a great idea to bring Jeeves and Houdini (so cute I might die!) to join in on their wedding. The goal was to raise awareness for animal welfare issues.

The couple “invited” the two rescue kittens to their bridal party, and even included them in their wedding photos! According to Nick, the wedding party was thrilled to see the last minute additions to the guest list. Nick told ABC News, “…however, after some thought on the matter, they were not surprised … that we would have them there for photos.”

Though the feline photoshoot with a wedding in the background has gained a ton of attention online already, the two adorable wedding crashers have yet to be adopted. According to Nick, they still need to be neutered, and they’re still too young for the procedure.

In two months the pair should be up for adoption, so if you’re interested keep your eyes out on Devine Feline’s site… or take a visit and adopt another rescue kitten that needs a loving home!

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