From Schedule I to your class schedule, you can now study the business of marijuana at DU.

Next semester, University of Denver (DU) students will be offered a new class to choose from: the business of marijuana.

Open to both graduate and undergraduate students, the Daniels College of Business will focus its Tuesday and Thursday sessions on taking a closer look at what makes the business and industry of marijuana so unique.

The class will be taught by Professor Paul Seaborn – 2016 recipient of the Daniels Excellence in Teaching Award and author of the case study,Medical Marijuana Industry Group: Outdoor Advertising In Denver‘.

Seaborn told journalists at 7 News that:

There’s a lot of really interesting writing and analysis being done in the media and also by academics.“We will really be tapping into all of those sources to try to get a clear picture of what’s similar and what’s different in this industry compared to other industries. Whether it’s alcohol or tobacco, even automotive or biotech. Lots of comparing and contrasting to see what makes it unique and what are the common issues these industries have experienced in these early stages.”

This is the third business of marijuana class to be offered by the institution, and it’s not the last. Future topics will include the legal aspect, marketing, and cannabis journalism.

What do you think? Would you take a business of marijuana class? Let us know by telling us in the comments!



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