If you haven’t heard, or haven’t seen it yet – the Rockies’ color change has stirred some extreme responses.

For clarification, the organization has changed their color from one shade of purple… To another shade of purple. The Rockies color change went from a deeper more “blueish” purple, to a little more identifiably more “purpley” color.

The organization justified the Rockies color change for a simple reason: Rockies director of retail operations Aaron Heinrich told Thomas Harding of “Just watching us on games, at different parks [the color] looked different based on the lighting in the ballpark.” He continued, “In some ballparks, it looked like we were wearing blue. In some ballparks in was a dark purple.”

Riveting moments in sports history folks. 

How this affects their gameplay, I have no idea. I’m not particularly a fan of baseball. What I AM a fan of is quippy twitter remarks:

Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis’ response was plain and simple: “It’s purple, that’s for sure. That’s all I got.” 

Granted the color is a bit lighter, and definitely purple. But in my honest opinion it’s not all that different. Maybe it’s my eyes? What do you think?

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