9-year-old Longmont Girl Grows 15-Pound Cabbage

9 year old, Ava Trapani, is growing right along side her 15-pound cabbage! All jokes aside, Ava claimed the prize of $1,000 college savings bond for her 25- pound cabbage. She was the winner of the National Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program.

Before summer break, Ava and her other classmates at, Mountain View Elementary School, were given a potted seed to take care of and grow and that’s just what Ava did. She planted it in her grandma’s garden and made sure to make a trip over every weekend to water and tend for her cabbage. And even after facing misfortune with weather and bugs, Ava nursed her cabbage back to health, until the time had come to pick her now 15-pound cabbage.

15-pound cabbage

(Courtesy Photo / Daily Camera)

According to the Daily Camera, Ava’s mother said, “We literally ate cabbage for the next month.”

Ava was chosen at random by the Colorado Agriculture Department as Colorado’s winner. And we are glad they did! The award boosted Ava’s pride in gardening and the program as a whole “provides the child with an opportunity to learn how to garden and understand where their food comes from,” the spokeswoman from Bonnie Plants, Joan Casnova stated.  

If this story interested you and your third grader… The program is free to any third grade classroom in the country and registration for this year is now open at  www.bonnieplants.com.

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