Seeing homegrown businesses become great is amazing. What’s even better is seeing them honored for their contributions!

The homegrown Loveland company Colorado Time Systems has been honored for its impact in the world of competitive swimming. Colorado Time Systems was founded 45 years ago by five Hewlett-Packard Co. employees who had the idea. This month, the company is being inducted into the Colorado Swimming Hall of Fame. On Monday, January 23, Hall of Fame representatives came to Loveland to make a special presentation to the founders and officials of the company.


At their facility, Colorado Time Systems engineers and manufacturers devices related to competitive swimming. These include starting blocks, pace clocks and timing systems, touchpads and scoreboards, along with a variety of other products for different sports.

The Hall of Fame’s founder and president Stan Benson said Colorado Time Systems’ innovations changed the face of competitive swim meets. Before the computerized timing systems that they developed became common, it took a multitude of people to host a meet. From the three people watching stopwatches for each swimmer to a whole room of people writing on awards and ribbons.


Thanks to Colorado Time Systems, timing and record keeping are now automatic. A computer manufactured by them prints out stickers with the swimmer’s information to attach to the awards and ribbons. The best part? It’s all manufactured right here in Loveland!

Pools across the country and around the world use these Loveland-built systems. Schools that use their systems were so pleased with the quality of their equipment that they began asking for scoreboards for other sports, like football or soccer. Congratulations, Colorado Time Systems! You’ve done the city of Loveland proud!

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