Stem cell therapy is all the rage. But what is it actually about?

Unfortunately, millions of Americans suffer from some degree of back, shoulder, hip, or knee pain. Often times these injuries, especially if ignored, will undoubtedly be aggravated or exacerbated. Potentially leading to some type of surgery to mend. Whether this means a spinal fusion or a total knee replacement, the process of surgery and the recovery period is serious and sometimes, unsuccessful.

So with the technology that is available today and the immense number of people who suffer from back, hip, and knee pain, you would think there has to be a better solution to treating chronic pain? Thus we’re here to share one of the most profound medical discoveries that could prevent you from having a major joint replacement surgery.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy is the leading treatment for joint injury, knee pain and arthritis. Essentially the therapy draws on findings which have proven that the stem cells found within your own body can be manipulated to regenerate damaged tissue and heal the area that is the cause of your chronic pain. Stem cell injections actually provide the cells that reproduce as new cells based on the surrounding cells. Whereas steroid injections basically try to coax the body to produce these cells (with much lower success rate) to heal the damaged area. Amazing, right? It’s like we can do the body’s job faster which means healing faster, and getting back to our everyday lives.

For me personally, I wish this technology could have been available 7 years ago before I had a major back surgery. The hospital stay alone was 7 days, whereas with stem cell therapy, I am confident I could have been up and walking much sooner. It’s amazing to see how medicine evolves over time and how many major surgeries are hopefully becoming a thing of the past.

So if you have ever wondered about a less aggressive cure to your chronic pain that actually works Cendant Stem Cell Center is the leader in Colorado for stem cell therapies. They have a convenient location in the Tech Center, so there’s no excuse you shouldn’t check them out! Cendant is known for their innovative stem cell treatments that go above and beyond the normal technologies present. 2017 is the year of medical advances. Now that you know what stem cell therapy is all about, why live in chronic pain?


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