Historic Colorado Springs Church to Become Brewery

carter payne church

The Carter Payne Church in Colorado Springs, CO has been serving the community since its donation in the late 1800’s. Now, new owners Melissa Lofton and Jeff Zearfoss hope to continue serving the community – albeit in a different manner.

Local Relic, a Colorado Springs brewery owned by Lofton and Zearfoss, will be operating out of the chapel. Rather than attempt to erase years of history in a remodel, the pair say they plan to keep the church au naturale, letting the architecture speak for itself.

carter payne church

The brewery will have a bar dedicated to beer, with 20+ beers on tap and 30 more bottles to choose from. A second bar will be used to serve wine and liquor. If you’re hungry, you’re in luck – Local Relic will be hosting multiple up-and-coming vendors from the area. A patio will be added for those that wish to sit outside, sip beer, and admire the mountains.

Zearfoss says he hopes to foster a “meet your neighbor” establishment, much like the church was once intended for. Their vision isn’t complete as of yet, so check back for updates on Facebook!

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