A lynx decided to join in on winter time fun at Purgatory Resort in Durango. The big cat was seen wandering around the grounds.

Around the holiday season, as the mountains are being shrouded in snow, many flock to our Colorado mountains for skiing, boarding and overall winter wonderland fun. Just because the people are flocking doesn’t mean the animals are left out too. Just ask the lynx spotted at the Purgatory Resort in Durango.



Video by: Airrick Hix, airrickhix

The video has spread quickly, being shared by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. And so “Lynx spotting” has become a new trend at the resort. The big cat was seen once again wandering around on New Year’s Eve.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has posted that lynxes pose no threat to humans  but warn that no one should actively approach them, or any wildlife for that matter. It would be wise as well, if you visit the resort yourself, to not try to feed or interact with the lynx, as the department does not want the animal or animals to become used to or dependent on humans.

Lynxes are protected under the Endangered Species Act, and are considered a threatened species. The US Fish and Wildlife Service notes that logging, recreation (like the resort) and other related activities are the driving threats to the habitat of the lynx.

The growing population of Colorado has affected several species around Colorado. Expanding neighborhoods and developments, parks and trails have encroached on the habitats of many species. The summer saw a growing bear issue in residential neighborhoods. It seems now, the lynxes have come out to play on the slopes too.

These increasing animals sightings just go to show that if you’re playing outside where animals used to be, it’s not completely improbable that they are still around or may instinctively come back. Overall, keep your eyes peeled and as always, keep a good and safe distance away!

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