Pumpkin spice can only go so far.Therefore, I am here to show you what seasonal drinks are really about, and where you can get them!

When trying to decide what to do this fall, you might as well jump on the bandwagon and start the ever-so-trendy brewery tours. The best part about this, is they also create seasonal beers so even if you have had the beer before, you probably haven’t tried their new seasonal beer. Steer away from your typical Coors Light, and try a seasonal craft beer. Afterall, Colorado is known for their unique and tasty craft beers. Take a look at these brewing companies and purchase your next six pack at one of the biggest liquor stores in Colorado, Bubbles Liquor World.

1.Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery is a guaranteed good brew. Their Autumn Ale is one that can’t be beat. This beer has the malty flavor of a German lager with the freshness of an American Ale.

Bubbles Liquor World

2.Upslope Brewing

Pumpkin Ale is the new thing. No, not pumpkin spice, but pumpkin ale. Upslope created this brew from raw pumpkin meat from a local farm in Boulder. Beer doesn’t quite get as fresh and authentic as this. This beer is hard to come by and hard to beat. It in fact has a large following and also has won a few awards. I wouldn’t steer you wrong on this choice.

Bubbles Liquor World

3.Lefthand Brewing Company

OKTOBERFEST MARZEN LAGER. Say that five times fast. After 3 beers. While this may be a challenge, drinking three of these delicious craft beers isn’t. This caramel lager is the perfect warm welcome for the start of fall. You won’t find anything quite like this.

Bubbles Liquor World

Next time you’re in the mood for something seasonal, stop into Bubbles Liquor World (where you’ll be able to find every single one). Not to mention, they also have beer and wine events where you can sample their latest and find something you love!

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