What’s more entertaining that watching a puppy play in the leaves? Below are the best spots to take your pup for some fun!


1.Trail Ridge Road

Pack a warm North Face, perhaps even a vest for your pup and explore the beautiful colors by driving on Trail Ridge Road. This road is the highest continuous road in North America and will be an adventure full of fun and photographs. Once you get to the perfect point, let your pup run free! Plenty of leaves should have fallen by now which makes the perfect place for your pooches to jump around in. It doesn’t get much better than leaf covered puppies. Hello fall!

2. Kebler Pass

While this may be a bit of a drive, it is well worth it. Located in Gunnison, Colorado, this spot is home to the largest Aspen grove in ALL of North America. Not only will you be able to see some of the most beautifully painted mountains in Colorado, but your pooches will get to freely run around piles among piles of leaves. Make sure you snap a pic of your leaf covered puppies!


3.The San Juan Skyway

Take the road less traveled and tour down the San Juan Skyway. Again, this drive is not short, so make sure to bring snacks and food for your pup. This road travels through Telluride, Silverton, and Durango. When you bring your pup here, they won’t want to leaf! ( pun very much intended). 

4. Telluride Gondola

Are you and your pup looking for something a little more low-key? Maybe your puppy doesn’t love to play in the leaves or worse, get leaves in their fur, so what better than the free gondola in Telluride? You can bring a warm thermos of hot chocolate and cuddle up as you take in all that Telluride has to offer. Pups are welcome every third gondola! Don’t worry about leaf covered puppies today. 



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