Are you getting ready to take the next step and ask that special someone to marry you? Here are some great places to pop the question!


As winter draws ever nearer, so does another season that is possibly dreaded or anticipated even more: Engagement season. That’s right, get ready to see sparkling diamonds and smiling couples all over your Facebook wall again. Engagement season starts after Thanksgiving and continues until Valentine’s Day, peaking in December. Are you planning to put a ring on it this season? Check out our list of the best places in Colorado for a proposal!

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Whether you go after a blizzard to enjoy the snow-capped landscape or catch a performance from one of your favorite performers, Red Rocks is always a beautiful locale for a Colorado proposal! If concerts aren’t really your thing, go on a  night when there isn’t a show and check out the stars. Pop the question in what feels like a surprisingly intimate setting. Alternatively, take advantage of the off season and come after a beautiful snowfall. The park is generally quieter, and it’ll be much easier to find a peaceful corner to bare your soul!

C Lazy U

For a really special Colorado proposal, arrange a private horseback ride at Colorado’s dude ranch, C Lazy U. This is a beautiful spot year-round, but there’s something particularly magical about a snowy blanket covering everything. This ranch brings storybook romance to life, with beautiful sleighs and horses all over the place. Let the staff know what you’re up to, and they’ll plan an extra special guided tour for you. After you propose, you can literally ride into the sunset together.

Enjoying the Full Moon

Being a mile high makes the moon feel closer, and when it’s full that effect is just amplified. We have so many beautiful natural areas to enjoy, and the light of the full moon adds an element of mystery and romance to an already beautiful location for a Colorado proposal. Hike to a lake, or the top of a mountain, or even just a meadow, and watch the sunset together. Then, when the full moon has risen and the moment is right, pop the question. For an added level of romance, go after a fresh snowfall and snowshoe to your pre-chosen location!

Botanic Gardens

You don’t even have to leave the city to find a beautiful pocket of nature for your Colorado proposal. The Denver Botanic Garden is a beautiful retreat in the middle of the city and, if you go during the off season or the middle of the week, it’s actually a relatively quiet and private place. Find your perfect moment and  get down on one knee! Bonus points if you propose amongst their favorite flowers!

On Top of a Fourteener

If you’ve ever been to the top of a 14er, you know that there’s something incredible and awe-inspiring about being on top of the world, staring out at the rockies, without a soul to be seen. This effect is only magnified when you’re sharing it with that special someone. Choose your shared favorite hike, or one you’ve both been meaning to try for a while, and pop the question when you finally reach the top!

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… or a Ferris Wheel

If mountains and hiking aren’t so much your thing, you can still have an amazing view for your Colorado proposal! Spend the day at Elitches (and maybe lock that ring up in a locker or your car) and really enjoy a fun day together. Then, as the sun sets, take a romantic ride on the ferris wheel. When you’re at the top and have an amazing view of a wonderful city, it’s time to pop the question! Just make sure you don’t drop the ring!

In the Telluride Gondola

Deep and hidden in the San Juan Range of the Rocky Mountains is the sweet little mountain town of Telluride. It’s only reachable by a twisting alpine drive and it’s gondola system. The views are absolutely spectacular, and the 13-minute ride from Telluride and Mountain Village is just long enough for declarations of love and and asking that one big life-changing question.
If you are planning on popping the question, the only real advice we can offer is that you make it special to the two of you! Hopefully this list got the gears turning in your head and gave you some ideas for great location options. If you’ve proposed in one of these locations, or you think we missed one that’s extra special, leave a comment and tell us about it!

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